Exclusive interview with the founder of AnChain.ai the biggest difference between Victor Fang: blockchain security and Internet security is decentralization.

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Recently, AnChain.ai, a leading AI blockchain security company in Silicon Valley, has completed a multimillion-dollar seed round financing, with investors such as Fengyuan Venture Capital (Amino Capital), a well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firm founded by Dr. Wu Jun, and Wall Street hedge fund-backed venture capital firm Huayan Capital (CRCM Ventures).

Dr. Zhu Huican, founding partner of Fengyuan CAPITAL RAISING and former older Chinese professional of Google, unstingingly indicated his affirmation to AnChain.ai: “We quite definitely recognize the team and path of AnChain.ai.” Dr. AnChain.ai CEO Fang has strong leadership and traveling ability. The distributed and clear block chain provides everyone the chance to participate in computing and trading, but it is also easier to find and exploit vulnerabilities, providing opportunities for hackers. AnChain.ai team’s years of experience in artificial intelligence, big data and security make them the most suitable candidates for blockchain security. “

AnChain.ai has a strong team of consultants and has reached strategic cooperation with Amby Labs, data visualization company Graphistry, currency exchange exchange SWFT, etc., to give full play to their respective advantages to protect the blockchain trading security of the exchange and the DApp project side.

Dr. Fang once described the network security problems in the blockchain era: “as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethernet Square have become popular investment areas, more and more enterprises and capital have poured in to the blockchain industry. The legions of hackers also smell home based business opportunities to earn money, and the proper execution of blockchain security is now increasingly more serious. “

Exclusive interview with the founder of AnChain.ai the largest difference between Victor Fang: blockchain security and Internet security would be that the founder and CEO Victor Fang of decentralized AnChain.ai.

ChainNews contacted Dr. Fang and began a dialogue with him. Dr. Fang said: “weighed against the original Internet industry, what hackers in blockchain field take straight is cryptocurrency. Due to its anonymity and decentralization, it is specially easy to cash out. Therefore, hacking activities are more rampant than before, and the damage caused is much more serious. “that’s where the topic starts.

The next is this content of the interview:

Q = Blockemist ChainNews.
A = founder and CEO of Victor Fang,AnChain.ai.

Q: you have been paying attention to blockchain since 2009, which can be said to be the earliest bitcoin. Can you tell me about your process of going deep into the blockchain field?

A: I was exposed to Bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2009 2009, when I started to focus on blockchain when I was studying for a PhD in CS (Computer Science) and working as a teaching assistant in the United States. We were the first researchers in the world to pay attention to GPU computing. At that time, after attending the GPU CUDA workshop trained by the Ohio Supercomputing Middle, we were recommended that the computer division can purchase Tesla GPU images credit cards to do machine learning / parallel processing research. American undergraduates often come to borrow equipment to dig mines. I also earnestly taught two American children to find out more about the ineffective work of AI, never to do mining. Looking back again 9 years later, it has turned into a joke.

AFTER I came to Silicon Valley in 12 years, I purchased the priciest espresso of my entire life with bitcoin, equal to $200, at Coupa espresso, a cafe next to Stanford. Luckily, I am not thinking about simple mining, trading or investment, I am more concerned with the technology itself.

Exclusive interview with the founder of AnChain.ai the biggest difference between Victor Fang: blockchain security and Internet security is decentralization.

In 17 years, I joined FireEye, a well-known Silicon Valley security company, as the first chief data scientist in the company’s history. FireEye is the first cyber security company certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to provide automatic threat forensics and dynamic malware protection against advanced cyber threats. Responsible for the investigation of blackmail software, and developed the production of AI algorithm. In November 17, when ransomware like Wannacry,Locky started exploding bitcoin and Monroe coins, I began to think about the situation awareness commercialization products and situations of cryptocurrencies.

In Apr 18, at the invitation of IDG, I participated in the web Yuelu Summit to go over the thinking about blockchain security, as well as for the very first time proven that the Demo, of the blockchain situational awareness system developed in my own free time officially opened up my exploration of “AI+ blockchain security”.

Q: your job and research experience is very affluent, which experience gets the most profound effect on you? Is it your turning point?

A: in fact, many theoretical foundations of blockchain come from the basic disciplines of CS, so on, such as cryptography, graph theory and computer architecture. Courses discovered during doctoral studies in the United States, such as Byzantine fault tolerance and zero knowledge proof, are the basis of the blockchain.

What I remember most is that I came to Silicon Valley in 2012 to join the big data department of EMC as chief data scientist. We were the world’s first generation of “data scientists”, when Harvard Business Review data scientist DJ Patil was “the sexiest occupation of the 21st century”.

Exclusive interview with the founder of AnChain.ai the biggest difference between Victor Fang: blockchain security and Internet security is decentralization.

DJ Patil has a great influence on me. He’s the first key data scientist in the annals of the White House. He has groundbreaking insights in to the burgeoning industry of data research. We’ve known one another at Greylock for quite some time and frequently exchange some vertical issues about data and AI.

Have you made a decision that you would like to work in cyber security because you were learning abroad? ).

For me personally, network security can be a part of AI and machine learning applications. The attraction of the network security industry is based on innovation-driven. As virtue goes up one feet vice goes up ten has great attraction for our Silicon Valley technology professionals who prefer to innovate.

Teacher Li Ziqing has a great influence on me. In 2004, Professor Li, an academician of IEEE Fellow (International Association of Electrical and Electronic Technicians, relocated from Microsoft Research Asia to the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to set up a laboratory. I am very lucky to be his first batch of disciples in China. At that time, in the telephone interview, I told Mr. Li why I was optimistic about machine learning. The main topic of machine learning / artificial cleverness has a great effect on me as an undergraduate.

It was a complete winter in neuro-scientific AI in 2004. In those days, the neural network was inactive, and the performance of the SVM arbitrary forest was a long way away from getting. For me personally, what I see is the wonder of mathematics in data-driven machine learning. Machine learning algorithm program, automatically find rules from massive data, so as to predict the future. This is the embodiment of an agent!

For the 20-year-old me, the infinite probability of artificial intelligence is a kind of shock that hits the heart directly.

At that time, college graduates were generally advised to work in the communications such as China Mobile, industry and China Unicom. And my major in USTC is the most popular electronic engineering, I chose to engage in machine learning / AI, at that time some seniors were very puzzled. In 2006, I decided to apply for studying abroad and chose the unpopular direction of AI. Many elderly people and friends were also worried sick. Now it appears to be a sensible choice.

Fomo3D broke out in August, which is also the first fight of AnChain.ai. Is it possible to tell me the program and process of AnChain.ai ‘s investigation and research on Fomo3D?

In July 2018, AnChain.ai was officially established in Silicon Valley. Fomo3D became popular, and I joined the fun to become an early player. I bought some Key, and analyzed the intelligent contract code of Fomo3D. At the end of July, by chance, at a small gathering structured by Silicon Valley investors, a Stanford more youthful brother launched me to Amby Lab. It just so happens that Zhao Kun (co-founder of Amby Lab) became good friends in Silicon Valley. We are all technical stream, the three beliefs will be the same, strike it off.

In early August, our AnChain.ai situational Understanding engine prototype was successfully developed, and Fomo3D and Last Champion, two popular DApp, that blocked Ethernet Square, naturally became the principal investigation goals of AnChain.ai.

Other small partners and I resigned from our high-paying jobs at big front-line security companies in Silicon Valley precisely with the hazy feeling that the transaction data from the blockchain should reveal a lot of hackers. In early August, Zhao Kun and I, with two notebooks, conducted an AnChain.ai situational awareness (machine learning + knowledge graph) analysis of an incredible number of trading data from Fomo3D and Last Champion on the dark and windy night time in Silicon Valley. With several reverse technicians from the Abby team, we accurately detected about ten addresses from the ocean of millions of transaction data.

We will immediately send it to the domestic team of Amby for joint analysis. Later, that sleepless night time became a milestone in the history of blockchain security. BAPT (blockchain Advanced prolonged danger) hackers, detected and defined for the very first time.

Q:AnChain.ai now has two products. Can Cover and SAP, describe the application situations of the two products in a far more popular way?

A: Let me first condition AnChain.ai ‘s worldview: the three eternal themes of the blockchain security world.

Purchase Security (Purchase security).
Code Basic safety (Code security).
Infrastructure basic safety (Facilities security).

This is the world view after doing detailed general market trends in June.

In regards to to the rising blockchain security industry, Tencent Security’s “Block chain Security survey in the first half of 2018” gives a more comprehensive phased summary. Relating to our world view, at present, in the blockchain security industry, most companies pay attention to code security (Certik, chain security, etc.) and infrastructure security (sluggish fog, know Chuangyu, etc.), while “deal security” is relatively few (AnChain.ai, Chainalysis, etc.).

We want to show the exchange and the project side the importance of transaction security. The essence of security is confrontation, and there will always be loopholes in code and infrastructure. The monitoring and protection of transactions is like the view of recent security hot events shared by AnChain.ai and the media: “from Facebook ATO vulnerabilities to numerous blockchain security incidents, all these indicate that the establishment of a security detection system for prevention is related to the survival of all technology companies. “

The CAP code audit platform is a subversive product that popularizes smart contracts. The smart agreement is the code, the code that bears the asset. We desire to use a democratic system to check out for vulnerabilities in the code at an easy and low price. Unlike formal verification methods, formal verification requires mathematical proof that the code is free of vulnerabilities. CAP hopes to become a knowledge base, turning all the vulnerabilities that have been found into a scanning module for fast and deep scanning. More importantly, it is fully automatic.

Exclusive interview with the founder of AnChain.ai the biggest difference between Victor Fang: blockchain security and Internet security is decentralization.

CAP is a platform and an entrance. We want CAP to be the first stop for security scanning. Then hyperlink up with this ecological companions and carry out an audit by manual experts. We’ve been accumulating all the major occurrences of security vulnerabilities. CAP’s multi-engine scan can cover almost 100% of known vulnerabilities.

Exclusive interview with the founder of AnChain.ai the largest difference between Victor Fang: blockchain security and Internet security is decentralization.

Our flagship product is SAP situational Awareness. It’s the AI engine that has established meritorious service for testing the BAPT hacker army. SAP uses AI and knowledge graph to protect the exchange’s cryptocurrency assets.

Does Q:AnChain.ai plan to launch new product lines and iterations in the future, and does AnChain.ai now have an approximate Roadmap to share?

A: our Roadmap is to do a good job of every exchange customer in a down-to-earth manner. Our Partnership, pursues quality instead of quantity. We don’t want logo design to flood. You want to be companions with every best team. For example Amby Labs, Graphistry and the newest cross-chain exchange, SWFT.

Q: how will you view the existing blockchain security situation, and what’s the difference between your blockchain security situation and the classical Internet? Within your opinion, which is more insecure at this time, classical Internet or blockchain network?

A: before three months, I have talked to many Silicon Valley bigwigs, such as Richard Zhu Huican, etc, Seiersen and Howie Xu. The blockchain in 2018 is similar to the Internet in 1990. Compared the blockchain with the Internet, there are two key characteristics, the first is scale, the second reason is security, any program that can meet both of these points can achieve success, this is my estimation.

The largest difference between blockchain security and Internet security is decentralization. At this time, it must be that the rising block string ecology is more unsafe. Similar to the Internet in 1990. I took a cyber security course in america, and the teacher said that in the first many years of Internet, the passwords on FTP were all in clear text message, which is inconceivable now.

This is actually the mission of the AnChain.ai era. Because of the concealed hazards in the three major directions of blockchain trading / code / facilities in 2018, our analysts who have proved helpful in first-tier security companies in america for a decade have made up their minds to resign and begin a company. If we do that in 2017, the marketplace is prematurily .. If you get it done in 2019, you might face the Red Sea.

In 2011, I recall the first induction lesson at Amazon headquarters in Seattle., Jeff Bezos informed the work environment newcomers about his traditional “regret minimization construction”, that i have appreciated all my entire life. Bezos only offered this secret reserve to the mass media this year: “Have I minimized the number of regrets I have in life?.” “Will I regret having tried this?” I ask everyone who wants to join the early AnChain.ai team to ask themselves this question. “if I don’t do it in 2018, will I regret it for an era? The first 10 people set up the business’s DNA. This may never be transformed in the foreseeable future. Wish that more people with the same idea will join AnChain.ai.

Q: it’s a chilly winter in the industry. do you continue to be optimistic about the blockchain industry? What do you think is the key point for the market to turn bulls? What is the market problem now?

A: our investors Amino, CRCM, SIG, etc., agree with our sense of mission and the timing of the direction of the market. Blockchain is an innovative technology. As with the early days of Internet, there were many skeptical voices: “the phone is well used, what exactly are you doing with dial-up Internet access?” Typing and chatting with strangers? “

The power of blockchain technology is that once it appears, it cannot be strangled. Kevin Kelly (Kevin Kelly) ‘s Inevitable I recommend to you to read. Blockchain, a decentralized technology with a self-consistent economic system, cannot be stifled. Just like the Internet, I don’t know how many currency circles people really understand this concept.

At present, the bear market in the currency circle is the market adjustment. 2017 was crazy. I experienced worried about lots of things that subverted good sense, like the introduction of ICO. Zhu Huican of Fengyuan CAPITAL RAISING published articles in March this season, “be psychologically ready for the collapse of ICO, avoid being blindly positive.” that is why we decided Fengyuan CAPITAL RAISING as the first choice, and we think as rationally.

We experienced the dotcom bubble and history repeats itself. However the rational thinker is the best winner. The marketplace will eventually convert bull, which might be the logical come back of retail traders / establishments, the improvement of stop chain facilities performance / the enrichment of DApp or the change of plan wind.

I am hoping AnChain.ai may become the most rational tone of voice in the forex market. During the funding period, we resisted the enticement and made a decision to increase collateral rather than ICO. Now it appears that we have made a wise choice. Blockchain industry, just in its infancy, market correction, rational return, can sift out a bunch of unqualified blockchain practitioners.

Q: talk about the process of AnChain.ai getting investment from Fengyuan and Huayan.

A: on the whole, it’s very smooth. It had been almost verified in around three weeks. To get started with, the traders we choose are VC with the same ideals and excellent reputation in the start-up group of Silicon Valley. Secondly, our seed wheel will not want to invest a lot of time on funding, you want to concentrate on product research and development, and we are extremely thankful to the bosses for his or her recognition and fast progress of we.
I think a very important factor that moves traders is our team’s sense of objective: to bring the mature idea of Silicon Valley first-tier security companies to the burgeoning blockchain security industry.

Q: do you and AnChain.ai have any industry role models? Not limited to the field of block chain, why?

A: the first of my industry role models is Elon musk, which is a true American spirit, a good example of the Silicon Valley nature. To accomplish an earth-shaking profession. The second reason is the Ried Hoffman, Silicon Valley network Ruler, whose worldview is very interesting and “people-oriented”. I discovered a lot about how to deal with people and things from Reid. The example of AnChain.ai is that the company I worked for FireEye,FireEye was a great company, especially when it was founded. At that time, FireEye pioneered the use of sandboxed virtual machines for computer virus detection. This is a very innovative and resource-consuming way of testing. The very visionary VC Sequoia on Shashan Road in Silicon Valley is optimistic about the technical approach of FireEye. As a result, they made the right bet. The outbreak of APT (Advanced continual threat) pathogen around 2010, the deformable pathogen directly abolished the original signature-based detection methods of Symantec and McAfee, and the high detection rate and low false alarm rate of FireEye established the first position in APT virus detection industry.

Exclusive interview with the founder of AnChain.ai the biggest difference between Victor Fang: blockchain security and Internet security is decentralization.

I was named FireEye Face of AI for my contribution to FireEye’s AI. I became the mascot of the business. Friends who’ve been to the RSA meeting in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA can see my toon logo design. During his time at FireEye, he has made impressive achievements dealing with lots of the world’s top hackers, such as Dhanesh, which knows the security architect Christopher, Microsoft 0day, which rates in the very best 10 in the world. That is probably a coveted chance for many security professionals. I’m lucky.

Q: any kind of promising blockchain tasks at the moment? Why?

A: I am optimistic about the blockchain structures related to smart contracts. At present, the infrastructure of ETH is too bad. ETH is a great product, but the recent execution doesn’t appear to work. I spoken to Joseph Poon’s Lightning Network team at Stanford last month and I used to be concerned about their improvement. I am hoping that the ETH community can improve issues such as Sharding fragmentation as soon as possible, which have greatly limited the prosperity of DApp.

We made a statistic during the Fomo3D survey. The active address of Fomo3D is only 1/10000 of the total, which has led to the paralysis of the entire etheric Fong. For example, would you be puzzled if the entire network is blocked because 1/10000 of the ip is accessed?

Q: in the field of security services, morality is a topic worth discussing. Do you need higher moral limitations to activate in security services? Is it possible to inform me your understanding?

A: yes! Employed in all sectors, be it a travel mass media such as a hornet’s nest, Internet security, or blockchain security, requires ethics. But blockchain is very near to money, such as Fomo3D hackers, who are able to sweep away 2 million dollars in possessions from loophole agreements in a few days. That is indeed a moral test. In the basic safety group, there are white head wear and black head wear, this is actually the selection of life.

AnChian.ai has already established the privilege of coping numerous world-class dark hats, and we already have respect for hackers on the other side of the world. They are a group of people who are extremely smart and advocate technology very much. For example, the BAPT-Fomo3D gang, the technology is not worse than our security companies, they choose to stand in the shadow, this is the choice of life. AnChain.ai hopes to use Silicon Valley’s most advanced technology to protect blockchain transactions.