ALLIVE Liu Qikai: I’m not trying to get rid of anyone’s life, but to maximize the efficiency of medical and health institutions.

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On August 18, the second BlockInvest blockchain Summit, co-sponsored by ICONIZ Standard Capital and floating Point Capital, was held in Hong Kong. The summit brought collectively blockchain CEOs, entrepreneurs, opportunity capitalists and investors from worldwide for blockchain discussions.

During the achieving, the health care and attention public chain project ALLIVE (large Health Ecological Intelligent Prevent chain Network), incubated by standard capital, announced a partnership with Ontology (Ontology).

ALLIVE Liu Qikai: I’m not trying to eliminate anyone’s life, but to increase the efficiency of medical and health institutions.

Liu Qikai said at the conference: the starting place of ALLIVE is usually to be in a position to join service chains, so that each participant can make money, block string is just how and methods to achieve. I have already been looking for a suitable system to purchase medical industry, but I’ve not found the right one. The key reason why I remaining to start out a company is which i very much buy into the root value proposition of the stop string and take the team to do one without any help.

Blockemist also learned all about the idea, business design and software of ALLIVE. ALLIVE is a large healthy ecological intelligent block chain network predicated on stop string technology. Through the three modules of Olife, Olivia and Oleaf, it customizes a thorough portrait of personality health information that is continually increasing on the market chain, offers a general practice artificial cleverness doctor, and starts up an entire group of medical and health service system.

In the ALLIVE ecological network, users can know their own health data, perform health management through artificial intelligence doctors, and then meet their medical and health needs of the complete process, and truly achieve the point-to-point accurate docking between your supply side and the demand side of medical resources, and form a decentralized and untampered large healthy ecological intelligent block chain network.

Similar to the Internet 10 years, the blockchain is about to make a qualitative breakthrough after ten years of accumulation. The consensus world brought by the blockchain, and the incentives brought by token will upend most traditional industries, and big finance and great health will be areas where value can explode. Blockchain technology links five major areas of health: medical services, health management services, health usage, development, medical technology research, medication and health financing.

Liu Qikai believes that the openness, transparency and untamperability of the blockchain can make the medical and health industry coruscate new vitality, and the difficult problems of data perseverance and privacy security that plague the original medical and health industry are anticipated to be resolved through the blockchain technology, while predicated on the motivation system of the blockchain, ALLIVE is likely to build a huge healthy ecological intelligent blockchain network. Gather the medical and health establishments in the complete industry as well as tens of millions of users to play a more role.

In order to gain an in-depth understanding of the infinite possibilities of blockchain + Great Health, on the same day, Blockemist ChainNews conducted an exclusive interview with ALLIVE CEO Liu Qikai:

ALLIVE Liu Qikai: I am not trying to get rid of anyone’s life, but to make the efficiency of medical and health institutions maximize the efficiency of ALLIVE CEO Liu Qikai.

As the former assistant president of Fosun Group and vice president of Fosun Health Holdings Group & the president of Fosun Tonghao Capital, Liu Qikai has committed to a large number of technology and medical start-ups and served as a director of several start-up companies. he has more than 15 many years of entrepreneurial and investment procedure experience in neuro-scientific high technology and healthcare, and has a number of capital market resources and wealthy medical industry resources. They have profound understanding and foresight for the medical and health industry.

Q = Blockemist ChainNews.
A = Liu Qi drives, ALLIVE CEO.

Q: why did you choose to do the ALLIVE task? what industry pain factors and problems do this task solve?

You can find two starting points for the establishment of the:ALLIVE. The foremost is that everyone in the prevailing healthcare system is fragmented and relatively isolated, and there is some opacity and chaos. Disease is related to a person’s state, once a person is sick, there is nothing else to talk about, so ALLIVE’s first thought is the directness of disease management and treatment, that is to say, when a person is sick, he first wants to know, “what’s wrong with me?” “” what is the status quo? “” what is the situation of other people who have this disease? “” who should I turn to for treatment? How to treat it? “

ALLIVE feels that the patient first has the need to resolve the confusion, and the second reason is the necessity for accurate complementing, that is, who to take care of, how to take care of, and what’s the process? Obviously, this process consists of many payment, such as consultation, treatment and problems. the foremost is to solve the situation that illness can be cured, treated correctly, effectively, and saved money. Patients feel that the process of treatment is the basic guarantee. But this is not the basic starting point of ALLIVE. ALLIVE wants everyone to understand disease and health.

Looking forward, if I got sick today, can we progress one year, 2 yrs or 3 years? what can prevent me from getting unwell and make me healthier? that is, what we should call disease avoidance. I am hoping that the ALLIVE system range from: make people alert to the need for health, have the right health experience previous, and put into action health management proposals. We really desires that everyone won’t get unwell and get unwell less. They are my two starting factors.

The overview is: when you do get sick, you really can realize, find a remedy, and address it effectively and reasonably. Don’t waste materials your money. The second reason is to make more preparations in advance to prevent it, ing, implementation, program acquisition and including knowledge underst. It is a complete system from treatment to prevention. Such a system actually involves a wide range of areas. What should we do? The original strategy is to do what you are proficient at in culture, however the data of the establishments that you will be proficient at are isolated, and nobody is willing to provide out your own experience and data. Why must i offer you my hard-earned data? This system is very hard to establish. How exactly to create this system and steps to make people trust one another is something has perplexed me for quite some time.

Q: the type of team composition does ALLIVE rely on to solve this problem?

A: I began to invest in blockchain in 15 years, because I think I have found a good complex solution to solve this problem. It takes time for blockchain technology to mature, and it also takes time for market acknowledgement. Part of the reason for the current market identification is that individuals acknowledge its financial features and move towards its financial features, but the commercial field is insufficient. It’s been a decade from 2009 to 2018, and I believe it has already reached a crucial time for the combination of blockchain technology and industry. Based on this logic, we found a team to do this, as a result of blockchain investment experience, we know that this circle is a large tech player, and ALLIVE has five partners, including me, which is rare in the blockchain team.

The five partners of ALLIVE are good at their respective fields. For example, CTO, the vice chief executive of Alcatel-Lucent, has hundreds of millions of dollars in R & D funding every year. He agrees with this very much, and he participates in it for the sake of ideals, because at present, the benefits from the ALLIVE system are much less than those from his original system. The second reason is the principle engineer of ALLIVE, the overall supervisor of Nokia’s Nanjing R & D middle, who is doing distributed data, which is both traditional and primary capabilities, two basic technical guarantees. Third, the chief medical officer of ALLIVE is a doctor of medicine from Concord, a medical family. He, his wife and father are all medical experts and university or college professors, and they are excellent cardiologists in the whole system. It is a good product to the ALLIVE team.

At the same time, we also have a team of operators landing, such a team, each section has a direct, is the industry has done great things, spent a lot of money, led the team. Based on the difficulty of the medical industry, ALLIVE needs to hook up medical treatment, health management, health payment, medical research and health usage. We have a strong executive team to ensure the healthy operation of the system.

Q: the health care industry is a behemoth. Will ALLIVE’s idea be too idealistic?

A: the path is fine, but healthcare is really difficult, just what exactly kind of eyesight and starting place it is dependant on is very important. Which might be minimal profitable, but which is the most needed, ALLIVE will first do the standard, get it done well, other profitable areas, there are more vertical tasks, we invite companions to do collectively, exactly what does ALLIVE do from then on? Health education, nutritious diet management, blood circulation pressure management, bloodstream sugar management, these things are the most difficult to do, the least profitable, and the most needed, so our own team is going to implement it, and in some vertically segmented areas outside of this, whether it is medical institutions or clinics, or other similar consumption, it is all implemented by ALLIVE partners.

Partners in each field are equivalent to ALLIVE’s DAPP, system in which everyone knows who contributes what, and who contributes more and gets more in exchange, forming a really healthy ecosystem. As it happens that the original culture is centralized. I’ve more than 100 million yuan. An organization invests to regulate other corporations. If this center is finally completed, it can get excess returns. But the difficulty of this center is that there are too many roles in the center. It is very difficult to control each center. Even after control, the limitation of the incentive mechanism exposes the weakness of human nature. Will make the members will gradually lose their passion and vitality.

Through the form of block chain, each system is the small provider of each system, we share users, each system has its own center, can be self-driven, so that each system takes the initiative to serve users, so that the whole system is strung together.

Q: do you want to be a public chain of medical and health care? Who are you wanting to kill?

There is no one’s life in A:ALLIVE. Although the blockchain is de-centralized and de-intermediary, the intermediary that can produce value has presence value. The core of ALLIVE is not to get rid of anyone’s life, but to maximize the efficiency of each field through a new interest mechanism. Shared development is the most important point. If a center can be removed, it is not necessary for it to exist. For example, let C-end users contact hospitals in the United States. He needs to know a lot about the health treatment system, insurance system and medical center system in america. There’s a very big difference between them, but when there is an intermediate company, chain up the complete system to help you plan it. For instance, there are a sizable variety of treatment options in america that can get local benefits and local insurance support. As C-end users have no idea this information, such an intermediary is very valuable.

How to evaluate this value? Some people take advantage of this value to ask for a high price, while others will disclose the value and turn into market behavior. ALLIVE is not to eliminate anyone’s life, but to let professional people do professional things, for users, get the best value, each middle in the initial basis to raised motivate users, more centered on providing their own services.

Q: is it possible to describe the pain factors and focus on users a bit more colloquially?

A: in neuro-scientific healthcare, if you solve a pain point directly, you will fall in to the DAPP of some vertically segmented field. If ALLIVE will not place the service on the general public chain, an individual will be an countless cycle, and what you would get is part from it. It’s very difficult to produce a full portrait health management system, and it is very difficult to use one kind of data to another system. For example, easily exercise today, so long as I exercise once, the chance of disease outbreak will lower. So long as you keep working out, you can help reduce the outbreak rate of disease, which can reduce the expense of your wellbeing insurance, but if you get users in mere one area, each area is relatively isolated. It really is difficult to reveal the worthiness of data writing.

So to resolve a problem is what every DAPP of ALLIVE should do, and our core is to help these DAPP wind up and empower it. ALLIVE has three products Olife, Olivia and Oleaf,ALLIVE to make money through these three products: based on the block chain system, ALLIVE these three products share data with everyone, so we do not solve a single pain point, but concatenate and make each data valuable and transferable.

There are several key points to confirm the right of user data. First, the data of all platforms are unified, and users can leave data on different DAPP. As far as individuals are concerned, depending on the user ID, the data can be portrayed as a whole. With the whole and the right, users can better control their health. Second, based on the whole, the value of data can be reflected. Data property are negotiable, but local data property are inefficient. Is very difficult to be needed, then the asset has no transaction, no deal value is very small.

Q: what are the three products of Olife, Olivia and Oleaf, and the relationship between these three products?

A: the first product is that Olife, is a full portrait of a person. Olife unifies users’ data on different platforms to make basic personal home page portraits, such as exercise, diet, blood pressure, and sign up, which are all on a single string. Olife can inform you yourself better as well as your doctor know you better. Identification and pocket are bundled with each consumer of the product.

The second reason is the Olivia, doctor. The general specialist is split into several levels: smart Q & A, Olivia can answer all of your questions about great health, disease, etc. This really is predicated on medical research. For instance, a diabetic who involves Hong Kong has a great deal of yummy local snack foods, and he himself will not know very well what can be consumed and which cannot, so he’ll judge through intelligent treatment, which can help users diagnose themselves. Help users understand themselves, can help establishments to do factors and assistance, which is very useful to all or any Internet health care and great health.

The 3rd Oleaf made a full-process health quantitative management model, because there are more mathematics students in the ALLIVE team, we’ve done a lot of quantitative models, this model can make all App easier to help manage users and serve users.

These three products exist and circulate with one another. For instance, I am your intelligent doctor, Olivia,. I’ll definitely read your Olife data before I could judge your health. For instance, you have a stomachache. That is a trend. What’s the reasoning behind the trend? I will connect to you based on the reasoning of forensic medication to understand the complexities and consequences; easily have the body data, I’ll make a common sense and can not ask questions. The major I ask is an essential thing. If self-management already has structured data, it is helpful to judge, so these three products are relatively independent and circular.

Q: what’s the token on the existing ALLIVE product system? What’s the economical style of token? So how exactly does ALLIVE make it happen?

A: at the beginning of the project, ALLIVE issued an ERC20 pass on Ethernet Square; after the main online line, 1:1 will be mapped into ALV. Based on the big logical framework, ALLIVE hopes to work with the community to develop detailed logic and reach a consensus that the total number of token of ALLIVE is 6 billion and will never be added. I hope that everyone in the world will have a token to build their own health management system. ALLIVE’s token is called “native pass”, which circulates on the trading platform, and every DAPP on the chain can design its own token,. We call it a “derivative pass” and have an exchange romantic relationship with ALV. Designs such as derivative goes by can be utilized without affecting the practices of existing DAPP users, but can be exchanged with indigenous passports or straight with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin unless you want to.