An exclusive interview with Guo Hongcai: the stop chain projects which were not updated in the founder’s occasions finally turned yellowish.

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The exchange is the top resource, and the currency charge reaches least US $2 million.
Chain information: there are more than 500 digital currency exchanges throughout the world, which number keeps growing at a higher quickness, even though people like NASDAQ are jogging in to the market. However, scandals such as sky-high prices, reducing leeks and manipulating money prices take place frequently in exchanges. What have you any idea about the problem? It is stated on your Weibo that the exchange is the only entry into the money circle. Why?

Guo Hongcai: why is that at the moment, the first echelon relates to community chains, exchanges and mining private pools, as the second echelon is the convert of the currency speculation group. For instance, the public string of EOS is now online, but the applications on the public chain cannot go on the exchange, because now the exchange is the head resource, the era of the second general public chain has approved, and the exchange will not put the application chain online. Now the currency fees of the major exchanges are at least US $2 million, so now many good currencies cannot go on the big exchanges. Instead, they pressure the public chain to open exchanges so that the projects on the public chain can be put on. Only by competing with so many exchanges can deal costs be reduced. The current situation is that the exchange engages in channel monopoly, the good currency is not allowed, the bad currency spends money on the ticket, and finally the exchange becomes a bad platform.

Now the perfect solution is never to purchase the exchange, because the exchange behind should be the advancement of the free era, spend less to do their own traffic, even at the start of a little band of 500 people. Now the leeks are also clear, the money charge is 2 million, and the task is trim by 2 million. The amount of money is all from the users, and the leeks have thought it out. It must be pulled up. Usually, how to trim me? many people are in this mind-set when they buy something and await it to move up. Many people are in this mind-set, which means this a vicious group. The only path to change the problem is to hold back for the subverter of the overall game to seem and exchange free coins, there is no other way.

In the future, the big decentralized exchange must be opened by the centralized exchange.
Blockemist: it seems that the news about the hacking of exchanges has not stopped, from Mt.Gox to Bitfinex, Coincheck, etc.; for security reasons, it seems that people should consider decentralized exchanges, but the data show that the volume of decentralized exchanges is pitiful. What do you think of this trend?

Guo Hongcai: many people say that decentralization of the exchange is a tendency, but the centralization of the exchange has traffic, and the purpose of people going to the exchange is to trade successfully. For example, now that bitcoin is 7000 dollars, you can buy it at one point on the centralized exchange, but the decentralized exchange will have to wait, and when you buy the transaction price, you may synthesize 700, so people will not go to the decentralized exchange. For example, at present, some centralized exchanges do a decentralized exchange in order to meet the needs of users, in fact, they are still brokered in the centralized exchange, so its trading volume is relatively large. In the future, the large decentralized exchange must be opened by a centralized exchange. This very similar to the Chinese circle, where Chinese people talk with each other after a few words, unlike the process of building trust among foreigners that takes a period of time to run in. Chinese circle culture is actually peer-to-peer, decentralized and distributed, as long as you find a node character.

People who stay away from bubbles are getting smarter, and people who join bubbles are getting richer.
Blockemist: many people in the currency group and chain band say that it’s now a currency markets, and the incremental market is hardly any. It feels that the money flowing in to the money circle will have a cooling process. What do you consider?

Guo Hongcai: this thing is wavy, and everything is wavy. Bitcoin has been consolidating since it dropped this past year, and it can neither fall nor rise. Today, I asked Tim Draper about the forecast of the price tag on Bitcoin. He said for a long period which i translated it for a long period, that is, “there’s a long way to visit, Soha Bitcoin is unpredictable for a while, and you don’t have to predict in the long run.” no matter if the stock is stored or not, and no matter whether it’s incremented or not. It’ll naturally rise in those days, since it is impossible to do industry after 90 years and after 00 many years of graduation. There’s also many people who warn that is a bubble, but there’s also two options when confronted with a bubble: the first kind of person avoid the bubble, this kind of person becomes smarter and smarter; the second kind of person joins the bubble, and this kind of person becomes richer and richer.

Master Bao teaches you how to circle the flow (knock on the blackboard and draw the key points).
Blockemist: you have been talking about the issue of traffic. As a currency network celebrity, do you have any suggestions for some good projects in this area?

Guo Hongcai: I have always said that projects in currency circles are still traffic business up to now, and now successful Internet projects are all done well in traffic. For example, Baidu does traffic business and does bidding ranking by offering keywords; Taobao is also, Taobao itself will not sell goods, it offers a system, and what it deals here’s traffic. To place it bluntly, the mixed flow of several money companies is much less good as that of me, therefore i made a “treasure second get better at coin”. The full total is 10000.

Like wave field, EOS, ethernet rectangular itself is an excellent flow business, wave field recently thousands of new searches on Google every day, YouTube daily growth greater than 300 videos, online exchanges are also steadily growing, website on 10 languages, the team greater than 200 people is split into Asia, America, the center East, etc., and then subdivided in to the Indian market, Pakistan market, america market, etc.

But small ants, quantum is to do technology, to do technology, it is useless. Following the code proceeded to go online, the money price also rose, and there was an explanation. It seems that when wealth is free, there is no more ideal pursuit. The ideal pursuit is ambition. Although Sun Yuchen does not know how to write code, he has ambition, and only such a person can succeed. For example, now I have seen a lot of projects to see whether the founder is ambitious or not. People like Sun Yuchen update their moments every day and update at least ten posts every day. You can see that projects that are not updated in the founder’s moments will eventually turn yellow. People who don’t even publicize themselves are irresponsible to themselves and responsible to others. That’s the logic.

Some projects in the promotion of their own brand when the founder is not public, or the core major shareholder identity is not public, find an external COO, this brand can not remember. Chinese people’s habit is to remember who, such as Li Lin’s fire coin, Zhao Changpeng’s yuan an, Xu Xing’s okCoin. If everyone can’t keep in mind the creator of a task, you will see no spirit, and the merchandise is good and dare not buy it. Now execute a good job, which is not the creator is more famous than the task, the traffic is bigger than the task, even if the project is dead, he will do the next one just fine. For example, we used to talk about Cui Yongyuan of CCTV, but are we still talking about it now? Cui Yongyuan is Cui Yongyuan, and it’s hard for anyone.

I suggested to the exchange that I should make a “maple leaf coin”, 1 million, and one for each of the currency circles in Canada. Only those who have a maple leaf card have it. People who have a “maple leaf coin” are free to enter the exchange. If they have time to invest money, they will airdrop it directly at this address. What everyone wants is the proceeds of the airdrop, so they will not sell it, and those who do not have it will spend money to buy it. At first, 500 copies were sent out, and then 500 copies were sent from person to person, and finally fission, because everyone wanted it because of the privilege, and then the 1 million flow science fiction of the service number. This an enormous community, using the energy of the city to get the task aspect. Because any task party, exchange, community, and Big V all want these 1 million users, this actually the latest community play, not because people in the money circle can’t body it out. Like AISI cash, we have one each.

Blockchain 3.0 hasn’t turn out yet.
Chain information: the idea of blockchain 3.0 is extremely popular now. If Bitcoin is the representative of just one 1.0 and the smart agreement of ethernet is 2.0, is it possible to predict who’s 3.0?

Guo Hongcai: 3. 0 hasn’t turn out yet. It isn’t this order of magnitude. Now the complete currency circle results in only 10 million users. In the event that you come up with any Internet project, there are hundreds of millions of daily active users. In the current era of exchanges, Yuan an has only more than 2 million users, only 1 1 million online, and other exchanges are even lower. This volume is very small, the flow is also very small. The emergence of a traffic done well, not the technology to do well to be able to get right up.