A special interview with Han Feng: the info of the stop string confirms the to realize the explosion of human being wealth.

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Han Feng: coin band guy rectangular piece K, also co-founded by Yun. Zhang Li Quantum Frontier Research of Tsinghua College or university is the writer of the first blockchain publication “Block string New Economic Blueprint and Guide” in China. These tags make Han Feng a famous shape in China’s money circle.

In the Blockchain Impact Global blockchain impact Summit on June 4, 2018, Vancouver time, Lianwen exclusive interview also came to Yunnan Elastos Foundation to release Han Feng. The next is the exclusive interview:

The most need for blockchain is to turn data collectivism into data capitalism.
Blockemist: blockchain has been associated with “open source” since the beginning of its birthday, such as the core code of bitcoin, ethernet’s Category + and Go languages. “de-Zhonghua” has become a new expression of “open source” in the blockchain. At present, there are more than 86000 blockchain projects on GithHub, the world’s largest open source code hosting platform. What do you think of Microsoft’s $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub, today?

Han Feng: I think this is a kind of setback to open source, and I am optimistic about big companies buying open source platforms. Now, generally speaking, the Internet is monopolized by centralized giants, which actually engages in a collectivist economy, but collective public ownership encourages innovation. Now blockchain solves the problem of slow development of traditional open source projects because it provides a very direct positive feedback incentive mechanism. Linux is one of the most successful open source communities, developing Android, but it is not efficient, all out of interest, for example, some countries with better welfare in northern Europe are relatively successful, but the open source movement has not really been promoted in China. The most fundamental change of the block chain to the human core is from data collectivism to data capitalism.

Also Laiyun promised 4000 special coin reward communities within 5 years.
Blockemist: recently, there has been an uproar about the election of super nodes on EOS’s main online network. But the data show that 86% of EOS addresses have 86% tokens, which is “ironic” to the blockchain? As a competitive product, what does Yilaiyun do in this noodle?

Han Feng: a successful Xiang in the future should be shared by the city. Yitaifang did a good job at this time. Although there are almost 4000 “special cash still exist in a single finances” in Yilaiyun, we guarantee that it is certainly possessed by the team, because our paper obviously states that people should maintain ecology and support creativity. Laiyun is currently creating a BP system that will prize half of the tokens to the city within the next five years.

Chain information: Yilaiyun appears to be an ambitious underlying general public string, such as interconnected os’s, decentralized providers, DApp application stores, etc. Will many people say that the dish that also involves the cloud is too large? Including its realizability?

Han Feng: in all honesty, Chen Rong’s “thinking is definitely great, but it is an extremely advanced idea to suggest to Microsoft to build up an operating-system on the web from 1998, which can’t be managed on the stand-alone operating-system.” this starts the entranceway to the pathogen. Chen Rong’s digital machine is shut, and in the future it will be point-to-point communication, and only two nodes with application functions can be connected. This is the concept of decentralized telecommunications.

However, at that time, we did not solve the problem of how to identify the credibility of a node on the interconnection, but now the centralized ID on the block chain solves the problem, that is, you use your data to prove your credibility. I checked the data you confirmed in the block chain before I dared to hand it over to you. Once the operating system of this architecture becomes popular on the Internet, and relies on the open source community driven by the blockchain incentive mechanism, the investment in development will definitely not be less than Microsoft’s billion US dollars investment in Windows, because this is the self-rewarding open up source logic.

The ability to begin a worldwide community is the criterion for buying ICO projects.
Chain information: as well as the sponsor of the cloud task, you also have successfully committed to ants in the first stage. Through the summit both of these days, we can easily see many VC traders embracing blockchain. What do you consider is the difference between traditional VC investment and blockchain investment?

Han Feng: the core reasoning is to check out the team, the original VC go through the team or the merchandise, to observe how the revenue in the foreseeable future. As well as the value of what you did, the most fundamental thing for the blockchain task team is to see when you can take up a community, which is the primary standard. Actually, somewhat, there is absolutely no concept of revenue in the blockchain world, and the best community at the moment, aside from Bitcoin, is actually proportional to the marketplace capitalization. In China, it is NEO,. In fact, when he was in private placement, Uncle Da told me that 30% of their private placement was “bought out”. I did not know the meaning of this remark at that time. In fact, this precisely planted the seeds of NEO’s success. If NEO will rush to 1800, this is a kind of community logic. But I didn’t understand the blockchain to that extent at that time, and I didn’t realize the meaning of these words, but my 20 private placement shares of bitcoin would not be sold for less than 10 cents. In fact, I got some information outside the market at 65. Like Sun Yuchen’s wave field is also done by community logic.

It will take another five weeks for the federal government to improve its concept.
Chain information: as much as several provinces in China have issued special policy support documents to encourage the introduction of blockchain, and the Ministry of Industry and IT in addition has raised the blockchain to the amount of nationwide science and technology warfare. But I still have a poor attitude towards ICO and cryptocurrency. Do you consider the money can be separated from the string?

Han Feng: I certainly believe tokens are separated, because tokens are a motivation mechanism in the stop string. Without tokens, this motivation system “improves efficiency and will not keep your charges down, which will not promote the industry.” But at the moment, the Chinese language government continues to be very contradictory, since it is still scared of lacking the influx of technical development in the world. Personally, i believe it will require five weeks for the federal government to improve its concept.

Data confirmation of Stop chain to understand the best Bang of Individual Wealth.
Chain information: I see you have posted a lot of books on blockchain, such as blockchain: a Quantum View of Prosperity, blockchain: from Digital money to Information Culture, blockchain, New Economic Blueprint and Guide, etc. How will you understand the partnership between blockchain and today’s financial system?

Han Feng: this issue can be traced back again to creation explosion. the condition resolved by creation explosion is that supplementary production can be restricted by natural conditions, and production is limited, so classical economics is based on the scarcity of resources. on the other hand, the big bang realized the problem of centralization and large production, which raised the production efficiency to the extreme. But since then, mankind has joined the next economic bottleneck, which is the maneuverability of communication. In fact, the most essential thing, such as domestic shared bikes, is to open up payment channels, such as the convenience of payment in the United States. Therefore, a lot of domestic Internet ecology occurs in the United States, because a lot of domestic Internet ecology occurs in the United States, so a lot of domestic Internet ecology occurs in the United States, because the card is stuck in the payment pass, the most essential thing is to open up the payment channel, such as the convenience of payment in the United States. However, the problem after the Big Bang is the emergence of minced hands, such as the 11 / 11 carnival, the problem of excessive exchange. However, the biggest product produced by communication is data. Data on the traditional Internet does not belong to households, and the data generated by users in communication can bring benefits. After the blockchain confirms the right of the data, users can increase their own credit value in the transaction, and on this basis, the transaction and investment can be combined into one. Households make money through intelligent contracts, and consumption is also invested at exactly the same time. This is actually the chain result of the blockchain. That is successful, because the next thing is the best Bang of Prosperity. I conclude as the smart overall economy, and my next reserve will write the smart overall economy.