Zhao Wei, founder of Chuangyu: insufficient security is an important reason for the carry market in the blockchain.

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Zhao Wei said his desire in high school was to become “the number one hacker in the world”. It is a pity that his ideal has not been realized. The good news, however, is that the geek, who once wanted to be a hacker, founded Zhi Chuangyu, the most important company in China’s Internet security.

In 2007, Zhao Wei returned from McAfee, an American computer security company, to start a business and founded Zhi Chuangyu. He named the company “Zhi Chuangyu” because he desired both himself and the company to achieve the unity of knowledge and practice. He explained that “knowing” means knowing Tao, and “Chuangyu” means creating the universe and putting it into action.

Zhao Wei, founder of Chuangyu: lack of security is an important reason for the carry market in the blockchain. Know Zhao CEO of Chuangyu, Wei and creator.

After a decade of development, we realize that Chuangyu is becoming one of the primary Internet security companies in China, providing security services to institutions and enterprises that require Internet security most, like the people’s Loan provider of China, the Securities Regulatory Percentage, China Mobile, PetroChina, and participated in the network security protection work of national events such as the military parade in 1993, the APEC Conference, the G20 Summit, and so on.

In blockchain, the company has been involved since 2011 and has been providing security services to core blockchain companies such as large encrypted asset exchanges and bitcontinent since 2013.

With the explosive growth of the blockchain industry, the hidden worries related to the security of the blockchain are also highlighted. Blockchain security has become one of the weakest links in the industry. Zhao Wei, founder and CEO of Zhi Chuangyu, recently shared with Lianwen his views on the current security issues in the blockchain field and the future development direction of the field.

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A = Zhao know Chuangyu founder, Wei and CEO.

Q: blockchain security is now a very hot area. Do you know how Chuangyu is involved in this field?

A: ducks with tepid to warm water in the river are the first to feel the smell of spring. Whenever we are running a business, we’ve a great deal of effort. We provide customers, from “O2O”, to group buying, to “P2P” companies, and then to the present blockchain industry, which itself can easily see the rise of 1 field after another.

When the blockchain is much less hot as it is today, we curently have a sense and will be ready to deploy.

In fact, I am digging since 2011. In 2013, there is an exchange. We started to provide services to the exchanges to ensure their basic safety. In those days, 80% of the exchanges in the united states were covered by us. Hot cash, BTCC and Bitland are our customers. Then there have been all sorts of wallets. Directly after we acquired more wallets, we began to keep them safe. We are here to protect Qbao, imtoken and Kcash. Then, with the emergence of all kinds of mining swimming pools, we started to protect the security of mining swimming pools and mining machines. In this process, we continue to accumulate knowledge and technical reserves of the industry.

Q: how does blockchain security business start from zero to one?

A: it can be said that our business in the field of blockchain security has grown with this industry. From your exchanges in 2013, to wallets, to mining swimming pools, to mining machines, and to other developed areas, we have laid out detail by detail in the field of blockchain security through this network-wide coverage. it includes the security of general public chain, the security of issuing coins on various platforms, to the security of Shanghai cash, the security of money in the exchange, and the security of users keeping coins, forming an entire system.

Now, if many blockchain tasks have to be shown on the stock market, you have to choose one of the firms that know Chuangyu and slower Fog (which is also an organization that understands Chuangyu’s former companions still left) to carry out a code audit. Only directly after we have transferred our audit can we devote the currency. This is actually the strong trust of the exchange in us. At the same time, for the task itself, choosing to learn Chuangyu for audit is also some sort of endorsement. Many customers can make their own announcements, stating they have used the security safety of know Chuangyu, in order to raise the amount of trust.

Q: I heard that whenever you were young, your fantasy was to be always a hacker? How do you differ from a hacker for an Internet security guardian?

A: first of all, I would like to explain the definition of hacker. Hackers should be to break through the boundary, break the limit, is committed to create a system, to create a new thing, to break through the previous field. But the media often misinterpret it, thinking that it is to attack others and attack the network, but this is not the case at all.

There are a lot of computer people in my family, so I have been programming since I was a child. I like all kinds of math-related puzzles. I also like reading technology fiction. Since senior high school, I’ve aspired to be the main hacker in the world. AFTER I was in university, I was subjected to network security and discovered that network security is a push in the foreseeable future. This push is unseen, but lethal. Because whether you are a person or a country, the info and resources of the complete society are on the web, and if you are invaded or attacked, they’ll all walk out business.

Later, I worked at McAfee in america for a period, and my clients were famous. However when I discuss Chinese language computer security abroad, the first perception of many people abroad is that we are “thieves”, “red hackers” and “spies”. This made me very uncomfortable, so I thought I should use my experience and knowledge to start a business in China, so I returned home to set up a security company like Zhi Chuangyu.

Q: could you give us a brief introduction to the entire business situation of Chuangyu?

A: there are two main regions of our business: the foremost is to provide security services to the federal government and large state-owned corporations, including government firms, large state-owned corporations and central corporations. The government firms we serve are the people’s Standard bank of China, the Commission payment for self-discipline Inspection, the Securities Regulatory Commission payment, etc., while corporations include China Mobile, PetroChina, China Telecom etc. In addition, we will also carry out security tasks for major occasions, like the armed service parade in 1993, the APEC Meeting, the G20 Summit, the web Meeting and other large-scale occasions. We provides security services at the nationwide security level. The second reason is market-oriented business services, concerning more than 40 large industry customers, including large-scale video games like Area of Valor, press systems, e-commerce, video systems, Wechat etc.

Q: it appears like those who know Chuangyu Service are mainly some mind organizations and corporations?

A: in truth, it is not that we are only willing to serve the head enterprises and institutions, but the reality is that the more head the enterprises will pay more attention to safety. It is very interesting in the field of security, the bigger the development, the more security is needed. Security is a matter of cost, and attackers attack you depending on how valuable you are. For example, if you have a value of ten yuan, he is willing to attack you with a cost of five yuan.

However, additionally it is possible an industry, a business or an enterprise is defeated because of security issues before they have time for you to grow, so corporations and project celebrations should also realize that they have to solve the corresponding security problems at different levels.

Q: what exactly are the distinctive top features of Chuangyu in conditions of business design?

A: cloud protection is a prominent feature folks. We are defending resources and information on the cloud. In terms of defense. We use cloud means to protect cloud security. This is highly confrontational. The customer’s information is on the cloud, and we have a cloud of our own. We are like a power, output capabilities to customers, is adversarial, dynamic, active security defense. This makes our defenses, resilient, like the cloud, exp and able. Therefore, we can also guard against the growth of attacks.

In addition, there are two more special components in our system. One is the Seebug community-a library of security holes in which you can learn about all the major security vulnerabilities in the cyber security world today. The other is a search engine called zoomeye, to create “the attention of Zhong Kui” in Chinese language. It could be regarded as the Google of the web security community.

Based on both of these, in conjunction with the cloud immune system, we can sense the risk and learn how to offer with it when it certainly happens. Quite simply, as an old doctor of traditional Chinese language medicine, the greater the thing is, the more capable you are. So over time, we have achieved zero mistakes.

Q: in the area of blockchain security, is there a space between China and the world’s top technologies?

A: globally, there is still a space between China’s overall network security and the United States.

In the field of blockchain, we should look at it separately. The largest encrypted asset exchanges in the world are actually run by Chinese, attacked by global hackers, but guarded by us. Within this field, we’ve been fighting against the very best hackers in the world.

The attack ability and security research ability of Chinese language hackers are actually quite strong, and the very best security companies in america are basically Chinese language as chief scientists. It’s that our security marketplaces are compliant, that is, what the federal government requires, where the chain of passions is complex.

What you want to do is to truly have a real goal to resolve customer basic safety problems. This is exactly what we say, “the fantastic man of chivalry, individuals and for the united states.”

Q: what exactly are the pain factors in the region of blockchain security?

A: the pain factors are mainly split into 3 aspects. To get started with, you have the security issue of the system of the blockchain itself, like the problem of smart agreement. The 51% strike that exists theoretically has turned into a reality. The second reason is the ecological security of blockchain, such as exchange theft, exchange, mining pool and website strike by DDoS, pocket and mining pool facing the chance of DNS hijacking, exchange angling, wallet theft, all sorts of information accounts theft, disclosure and other problems. The third aspect is the security of users, such as personal account and budget theft, fraud, fishing, poor private key etc, management and confront trojan Trojans.

I think safety can be an important reason behind the current keep market of blockchain. Why will be the figures on the blockchain valuable? Because there is an understanding. Property are controlled by mathematics and programs, and when it is found that hackers can bypass all programs and take money there is no consensus, casually and no trust. At this time, the value of the asset is zero, which is rubbish.

Q: how do you personally view the development of blockchain industry?

A: the greatest value of the blockchain lies in the use of technology to accomplish consensus, which is a truly equal consensus. Although it is possible to consume energy and other resources to attain this consensus, it will probably be worth it to have the ability to judge with algorithms and mathematics for the very first time, which really is a change in the relations of creation.

Furthermore, I believe that Bitcoin will achieve its goal in the future. In fact, the idea of digital currency was put forward in the 1970s and 1980s, but earlier attempts failed, and Bitcoin recognized these ideas technologically for the first time.

In the future, the digital currency of payment system and value storage will be layered, and will be layered into payment system and transaction system.

In addition, for the hot discussion about general public chain, my view is that it is unrealistic to directly improve TPS on general public string, because consensus and enhancing TPS itself are incompatible. In other consensus, words and efficiency issues with security.

Q: in conditions of blockchain security, the type of design will Chuangyu have in the foreseeable future?

A: you want to be considered a blockchain community, a global community that may be operated predicated on our existing “SeeBug” community and talk about security information. We are also considering presenting open public welfare elements to the city, because blockchain isn’t only a security and specialized concern, but also a great deal of sociable issues. I’m thinking about exactly what to do.

After we find the security problem, we will study the situation very thoroughly, form a system, and cooperate with the project to release it. Hope to be able to benefit the introduction of stop chain industry comprehensive. We start to see the need in these areas. We have to develop wherever there is certainly demand, and we have to protect as much blockchain projects as it can be.