Game In Blockchain.


Most people’s understanding of blockchain games may still be in the encrypted cat era that caused congestion in Ethernet Fong in 2017, believing that blockchain games are still unpopular. But the fact in the eyes of people in the industry is that blockchain games have become extinct after two or three years of development. On this day in 2020, blockchain games are likely to be on the eve of the outbreak.

Why is blockchain games developing so rapidly? Because blockchain games can make money!

The biggest difference between blockchain games and traditional games is that blockchain games not only consider entertainment, but also through reasonable economic model design, so that early participants can make money. The user growth dividend of traditional games is shared by game developers, while the user growth dividend of blockchain games is shared by all currency holders.

The following are the blockchain games that have attracted a lot of attention in the circle in recent years, which I would like to share with you:

  1. CryptoPunks (encrypted punk).

First of all, a tribute to encryption punk, a small blockchain project done by LarvaLabs can be said to be the first time to integrate the concepts of games and collections into the blockchain. Although not many people from the outside world know about it, it has caused a lot of fluctuations in the circle. Let many old people in the circle see new possibilities.

Encryption punk was actually launched as early as June 17, and can even be called the predecessor of the encryption cat. Encryption cat’s random algorithm, token and other practices are very similar to encryption punk.

Introduction to how to play: ten thousand punk avatars are randomly generated at one time, put on Etay Square through an intelligent contract, and obtained by players free of charge. Players trade freely after acquisition.

Current average selling price 0.41ETH each avatar.

  1. CryptoKitties (encrypted cat / labyrinth cat).

CryptoKitties | Collect and breed digital catsmakers www.cryptokitties.coGame In Blockchain.

Let ethernet and block chain technology into the sensation of daily life. A small team of about 10 people from Vancouver created an amazing blockchain game in a very short time. The original intention of the game team to do this game is also very touching: in the blockchain world full of impetuous emotions and deceit, make a product that allows everyone to understand the blockchain and like it.

I believe they did it.

The game uses non-alternative tokens ERC # 721 to generate each kitten on the etheric block chain. in theory, the smart contract for encrypted cats can produce 4 billion completely different kittens, ensuring the uniqueness of kittens. At the same time, there are only 50,000 cats in the zero generation, which is rare to a certain extent. So far, more than 8500 have been produced. Recently, the average price of each one is around 2ETH.

Introduction to how to play: buy a kitten that you can use to collect, breed new kittens with other kittens, or sell them to other players.

As soon as the encrypted cat was launched at the end of the 17th, it quickly experienced a frenzy, when the cheapest kitten was sold to 0.1ETH (about RMB600). Better kittens are prone to 5ETH, 10ETH, or even 100ETH. But after a period of undervaluation, the price of female kittens in generation 0 fell to 0.08ETH, 1% of its peak.

  1. EthereMon (etheric little monster).

Etheremon-Decentralized World of Ether Monsters.

After the encryption cat successfully attracted a lot of attention, on December 20, the second popular blockchain game, EthereMon, was launched. The game quickly attracted a large number of Ethernet cat players to join, but also caused temporary network congestion, thus attracting more players to join.

This is a game that starts with something like ponzi and then turns around gorgeously. The game begins with a Ponzi-like incentive mechanism to attract early players. After the three values were subverted, the game developer issued a statement saying that his original intention was not to make a ponzi, but to share early profits with early users in this way. So resolutely decided to stop the original rebate practice, only do pet elf similar games.

How to play the game: after buying pets, you can carry out training and upgrade, or you can also be used to attack castles. Attacking castles can gain pet experience for pet upgrades, and if you win, you can also get bricks to build castles. You can also get the game token EMONT for each battle. Pets can also be sold to other players. Since many pets are sold for a limited time, many players will choose to buy other players’ pets.

  1. CryptoCountries (etheric world).

The game was launched on February 3, 18. It had been growing steadily, but suddenly on Valentine’s Day, because of the participation of many currency bosses, it surpassed many blockchain games and became the most popular game after cryptokitties.

How to play the game: the development team will make each country in the etherfang block chain like virtual tokens, token, players can buy these token to “conquer” the country. After “conquest”, your name will be written on the token of the country. The price of token usually starts from 0. 01, but each time it is purchased, it will rise by 15% and 100%. In this way, players who bought before can immediately make a profit through Ethernet Square. After more than 30-100 repeated changes, prices will soar to 100ETH or even 1000ETH.


In the second half of 2018, spinach games exploded, the huge bubble brought an unprecedented blow to blockchain games, blockchain games seem to have entered a window. After nearly two years of development, a super team formed by the core members of the former easy Water Cold, Mengmiku, Singapore IGG, Japan’s Nintendo and Miha Tour, has made every effort to create the world’s first block chain simulation U3D mobile game based on the combination of horse racing and cultivation.

Game play: players develop racing horses of different professions through feeding and training, upgrade equipment, build custom racecourse, professional training, colorful costumes, make your foal personalized, stand out in all kinds of events, and win huge bonuses, such as speed, dressage, obstacles, cross-country events at all levels (country races, small town races, tournaments, cup races, total championships, friendlies, etc.). Players socialize through games, initiate personalized events, gain prestige, fans and token awards through different types of competitions, establish their own jockey clubs and guilds, win mysterious equipment through mysterious merchants and guilds, carry out auctions, leases, cross-chain transactions, and so on. Each setting can realize the value-added benefits of token, and players can enjoy superimposed returns when the price of token itself increases.

According to the official FAST HORSE news, Coin Zhou, founder of the FAST platform, will attend an online Genesis node exchange session in the Tencent conference studio at 20:00 on July 22, when there will be more mysterious celebrities to share.