Exclusive interview with Wang Bowen, co-founder of Hydro Protocol: to invest or a project, I will not hesitate to choose again.

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There is no doubt that the digital assets trading platform has become a hot spot of rigid demand and entrepreneurship in the industry. From the point of view of quantity and trading volume, the centralized trading platform is still the current mainstream. However, with the increase in the trading volume of digital assets, the limitations of the centralized trading platform are increasing, and the decentralized trading platform may emerge as a new force.

The decentralized trading platform will not provide property trusteeship, and users trade digital assets peer-to-peer, and everything transactions derive from intelligent contracts, thus greatly enhancing security.

The decentralized trading model continues to be in the first stage, if the order, withdrawal, transaction and other processes are on the chain, the transaction confirmation time is much longer, which impacts the trading experience when the amount of users is large, and the transaction speed impacts the trading volume.

Exclusive interview with Wang Bowen, co-founder of Hydro Protocol: to invest or a project, I’ll not hesitate to choose again.

DDEX is the world’s first Hybrid decentralized exchange developed on the Hydro process. It is different from decentralized trading platforms such as ForkDelta in that DDEX runs an efficient off-chain matchmaking engine. It is equivalent to that DDEX maintains the total ledger of buying and selling transactions with a private server. Users first make dealmaking under the chain, and once the transaction matches, the process of the real transaction is moved to the chain and reached with intelligent contracts. The settlement speed can reach 50 times that of the existing decentralized trading platform. At the same time, DDEX ensures decentralized features such as private transactions and support for a number of currencies.

The benefit of this is, on the main one hand, to guarantee the speed of transaction coordinating and excellent user experience; on the other hands, to ensure that the possession of assets possessed by users, security and transparency may also be guaranteed.

Exclusive interview with Wang Bowen, co-founder of Hydro Protocol: invest or a project, and you will not hesitate to choose it again. Relating to Etherscan.io data, the decentralized trading level of DDEX accounted for 9.32% of the global total before week.

Hydro believes that the decentralized trading system can be a payment element of the blockchain in the foreseeable future, while transactions through standard, automatically executable intelligent agreements could be more scalable and sustainable. At the moment, the DDEX plug-in has been inlayed in DApp such as Yundoulong HyperDragons, and you will trade without jumping.

DDEX does not involve legal currency transactions, all transactions are only between digital assets and digital assets. Users do not need to enter the cryptocurrency into the address of the exchange, but directly from the buyer’s wallet to the seller’s wallet, match the transaction chain under the chain, and record the information on the block chain through intelligent contracts. Fundamentally put an end to the risk of centralized trading. Users’ private keys are in their wallets and are not hosted by a third party, so there is no risk of centralized trading assets being stolen.

Exclusive interview with Wang Bowen, co-founder of Hydro Protocol: I’ll not hesitate to choose whether to get or execute a project again. Regarding to 0x Tracker data, predicated on the position of 0x decentralized trading quantity, DDEX is definitely near the top of the list.

Since the start of the decentralized trading system DDEX in January, the trading level of DDEX has exceeded several million US dollars, therefore far the dominant 0x agreement is the first in conditions of trading volume, which may be referred to as an impressive achievement. Actually, the team not only desires to execute a decentralized trading system, but also desires to create a decentralized trading network to talk about the depth of the marketplace and asset liquidity when confronted with massive transactions.

Hydro Process received multimillion-dollar assets from ZhenFund, Coinbase and Garry Tan, an angel investor in Polychain and Initialized Capital founded by Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit. Associates result from Google, Facebook, Palantir, Microsoft, Development works, etc.

Exclusive interview with Hydro Protocol co-founder Wang Bowen: whether to invest or do a project, you will not hesitate to choose Hydro Protocol co-founder Wang Bowen. At the 2018 World Digital assets Summit in Singapore, he had a round-table discussion with team founders such as CoinList, Bancor, Republic, Kyber, etc.

ChainNews had the honor to invite Hydro Protocol and Mr. Wang Bowen, co-founder and COO of DDEX, to visit Blocks.tech to share how to build a decentralized trading platform in seven days. Subsequently, he shared his experience and understanding of blockchain investment and entrepreneurship with the old chain.

Wang Bowen, a 24-year-old majored in mathematics and economics at New York University, worked as an intern at ZhenFund for half of a yr in his junior season. After completing his studies in 2017, he came back home and officially joined up with ZhenFund as an analyst. Throughout that time, he fulfilled Li Tianfang, the creator of Curriculum Lattice. Tianfang is a previous development engineer at Microsoft and Palantir, and he also offers a CFA certification certificate. His experience in Invention works established fact.

Bowen and Tianfang have co-founded Random Stop Capital, to focus on blockchain task investment. Because I followed their official account last year, ChainNews was most impressed by the fact that the first project they invested in was 0x, which decided that there were broad prospects for decentralized transactions, and laid a good foundation for subsequent Hydro Protocol and DDEX entrepreneurial projects.

Bowen resigned from Zhenge in October 2017 to start a business with Tianfang and officially became the co-founder and COO of Hdyro Protocol and decentralized trading platform DDEX.

Exclusive interview with Wang Bowen, co-founder of Hydro Protocol: whether to make an investment or a project, I will not hesitate to choose again. Wang Bowen, co-founder of Hydro Protocol, gave a speech at Cocktail & Coin Meetup in New York in May this year.

Question interaction.
Q = Blockemist ChainNews.
A = Wang Bowen, co-founder of, Hydro Protocol and DDEX.

Q: very curious, why do young students as if you, who’ve worked in VC investment before, choose to focus on a task rather than token fund,?

A: we actually made a token finance, named Random Stop Capital. In those days, the partnership with Li Tianfang was somebody. Tianfang himself can be an engineer and can talk to the development team. Token finance homogenization is high, there is absolutely no complete difference in task judgment, and many of them borrow liquidity rates in the primary and secondary markets to make earnings.

We did fund at that time to learn, and when you lose money, you will spend more time to speed up learning. At that time, we were particularly interested in the decentralized trading platform and wished to do such a task.

The first reason is that it’s an user of Ede EtherDelta, the first generation of decentralized trading platform. In those days, EtherDelta could reach 20 million transactions per day without anyone working or even UI. We are amazed that such an unhealthy product can perform such a sizable and 100% real trading quantity, indicating that there surely is still room and opportunities.

Second, in those days, we were also buying some blockchain tasks, such as 0x, AirSwap etc, so we’d a comparatively deep knowledge of this path. The monitor is long enough and various, and has some proper significance at the same time. The platform effect of centralized trading is reducing and poor liquidity; at that time, there were many ICO projects, almost 10-20 each day, and there was a solid demand for coin collection, that is, trading, and there is no middleman to earn the difference.

ZhenFund, who was simply there in those days, encouraged everyone to begin a business.

Q: tell me personally how you joined the job?

A: in 2016, I used to be a junior majoring in mathematics and economics at NY University. I visited ZhenFund for an internship. It had been a suspension plan from Feb to August 2016, and then returned to review. After completing his studies in 2017, he came back to China and became a normal worker of ZhenFund. During this time period of your time, I learned all about ethernet, imToken, top secret ape technology, and the primary developers, local community and ETHFans, of eTaifang surely got to know Xu Sihang, Xin and Toya. Because these were all colleagues, friends and classmates, they coincidentally joined the industry because they were all friends, classmates and colleagues.

I graduated and returned home in 2017, just in time for the ICO frenzy. I remember that Yi Tai Fong was at a maximum of US $440 and Bitcoin US $2800. However the blockchain industry is very early, but all my energy is targeted on the blockchain task.

On Oct 27, 2017, he formally resigned from Zhenge and started a company with Li Tianfang and David as a decentralized purchase agreement and system.

Q: what’s the cognitive depth of the blockchain? Do you can the amount of faith?

A: mm-hmm. I don’t sell cash. I cannot sell Etay Fong or Bitcoin. Among the strategies I informed Tianfang about Buffetten, is to buy a stock for ten dollars per day, and you’ll be as successful as Buffett. I’ll spend money on ethernet and Bitcoin with a regular income of 5%. Since June 2017, I’ve found peaks and troughs, $150 and $1300. I plan to keep trading for five years, dispersing the cost to attain the so-called average cost. I am not really a speculator, but I still think that they have long-term value. I really believe in Bitcoin and Ethernet Square itself.

Q: do you have a firm belief in Etay Fong?

A: I’m fairly determined. At that time, when The DAO was attacked by hackers, everyone thought that Ethernet Square was arriving to a finish and the cash were eliminated. But what I see especially good about Etay Fong is that the amount of daily energetic users in its builder community exceeds that of other open public chains and even wallets, which can be an indisputable reality. If you wish to be the top king on the market chain, it will be Ethernet Square. But its price doesn’t have much regarding the improvement of Etay Fong. I think that this technology, do not judge the existing price, I think that Ethernet Square will definitely be valuable in the foreseeable future, but I really do not treatment how much it will probably be worth, so long as enough time is long enough.

Q: what tasks do you like recently?

A: there have been a lot of good projects lately. I am most positive that HandShake, was initiated by Joseph Poon, the creator of Lightning Network and a meta-ancestor of OG, and Sequoia, Pantera Capital, Scalar Capital and Hashed all voted. , Polychain Capital committed to the Dharma,Y Combinator task of decentralized financing. And I believe it’s best for LOOM, to try out video games with SDK, aspect chains. And there is certainly 0x, that i have always kept firmly.

Q: what exactly are the essential judgments from the proportions of the task? Might it be predicated on the development speed of the complete blockchain technology? Have you got any experience, such as where will deal source result from?

A: these tasks is seen on the web. The judgment is in fact very easy. In a significant time, investment continues to be investment. Whether you will be the top person in this industry, whether you have been around in this industry for a long period, whether you truly want to do this project, including the degree of influence in the industry, whether you are a forerunner. When people don’t believe it, and you believe or even believe it, at least it shows that your starting point is true.

Deal source is like this. I’m sure there will be people in the industry talking to each other and asking each other how the project is going, and the activity of visiting ICODrops; forums on a daily basis is also very important. In fact, the forum is the best starting point, many good projects emerge from the discussion board. The common sense of the supplementary market, including if the task is controversial, whether it’s active, just how many people know, etc.

I’ll not judge the best picture, the timeline, since it is too difficult. For instance, many big tasks in Cosmos will miss tickets. You can find bound to be some problems that can be solved in a day or not for years. So I don’t look at this timeline. There are indeed several projects to focus on, like the recent Cosmos, the finish of this season, Algorand, next year’s PolkaDot.

Q: what do you consider of EOS?

A: in truth, some information is not considered before, its gas charge is too low, its stop confirmation time is too fast, and then you will see a great deal of harassment communications?! Maybe it’s another probability on the blockchain? Such as for example crazy pop-up home window, you can go crazy to order it. But people haven’t considered it before.

If you’re in Silicon Valley, ask a designer and he’ll not hesitate to let you know that he’ll choose to build up on Etay Square. Why? The main element is still the issue of development, even if some places are not easy to use, but at least there are. But if you look at EOS, you might not have the ability to find all the documents.

Q: what do you consider of the street printing process Loopring?

A: Wang Dong, a great Google engineer background, also worked as a trading system in the Bitcoin period in 2013 and 2014, and is one of the veteran level. The street printing agreement, which includes been developed for greater than a 12 months, is a very good task since it started in July and August this past year. At least they had written their wallets, their own matchmaking, loop trading, and the technology worked well, however the business reasoning was just a little difficult. It’s hard to find three people to take a ride. It’s like a trip. You need to find a driver on Didi, a passenger on pulse, and a traffic policeman on 58. This path is too far. And they do not want to make their own trading platform, but enable different trading platforms, without the establishment of their own trading platform agreement is very difficult to understand the real developers, so they must have personal experience.

In those days, our idea was to make our very own trading system and make our very own agreement, letting you know that there was a model room, which you could try; if you needed, we could give you the drawings; if you only wanted a house, build one for you. We want to do the simplest thing, like “touch with one button”.

Q: it is not only a protocol layer, but also a trading platform, and even say that there are other embedded possibilities in the future? Why don’t you introduce your team?

A: yes, the members of the product technical team are basically former colleagues and classmates of Tianfang and David; the team of operation and secondary market are my former colleagues. There used to be no good technical engineers on the blockchain, & most people rely on the capability to learn quickly. Even the best technical engineers who used to build up the web have to learn. The expense of migration is in fact much less high as dreamed, the main element is to truly have a correct direction.

In fact, our strongest is not only the CTO David back-end architecture, but also the proud mobile products, which we don’t have the opportunity to show you today. Our mobile product manager, Zhang Chao, who used to work in Youmeng, is the best iOS engineer in China. Lei Mingda, who was responsible for quantification, used to focus on the quantification of A-share companies at the AI Institute of Anatomist in Invention works. The managing charge in the A-share market was too much, and many strategies were inadequate, nonetheless they transformed to cryptocurrency quantification and quickly got began.

Q: through the period when you thought we would devote you to ultimately the study and development of the task, it was also an interval of amazing come back for token finance. In the event that you were asked to choose again, how would you select?

A: to let you know the reality, personal investment has never stopped. But if I make a choice, I will still work on the project. Because the most important thing to invest is to think deeply. You are greedy when others are afraid, and you are afraid when others are greedy. If you proceeded to go crazy to purchase September this past year, the come back really was high. However the kinetic energy managed at that time, if it does not stop, is actually the most awful. A lot of account doesn’t pay off as well as you think. I don’t know could made money, I don’t know could lost money, and I never know.

Therefore, we have no regrets whatsoever. At that time, for us, starting a business was the best choice. Entrepreneurship is also a kind of investment, investing the most important time in something with long-term compound interest value. We believe that the monitor we are in is 100% right, which is also an extremely long monitor inside our hearts.